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Serenity Ranch

Property Map 3D


(This Is The Junk Yard Mess I bought With Cash In Late 2010... Cleaning It Up And Carving A RANCH Out Of It Has Been An ADVENTURE!)



(...But We're Getting There!)



BTW, The Northern Pasture (Mentioned Above) Is ALL Clean Flat Pasture, With Grass and Clover Growing On It, As Of This Writing... Buying A New Kabota Tractor With A Backhoe Attachment Makes Things Go MUCH Faster And Easier ;)



(Just Trust Me When I say That There Is NOT A LOT That Compares To Being WAY UP IN THE TOP Of OLD GROWTH Tree Canopies, When You notice That The ENTIRE Main Buckle AND STRAP Of Your Right Leg's Climbing Spike Is "Missing" ;)


But we HAVE gotten the MESS cleaned up, and the DENSE Regrowth and Scrap Trees cut down, and Multiple Pastures Cut Out of DENSE "Jack Pines" and Briars and JUNK... And We've run MILES of Steel-Field-Fencing, Backed up with MORE MILES Of Electric Hot Tape, and MILES of Buried Cables for the Security Systems Run and Buried, and the Security Systems put in, Automatic Gates At the Top of Our Mountain where our Road Tops the Mountain, And More Posts and Pasture Gates than I care to even THINK about!!!... LOTS of Hard PLANNING, and HARD WORK that we did MANUALLY, OURSELVES (We didn't get the Kubota until AFTER we were Nearly Finished!)... But it was WAY worth it... The Views now are STUNNING!




Back YardBack Yard
Back YardBack Yard


Views From Around Our Mountain-Top Ranch Property



New House 4

New House Sky

New House 3



Poinsett   Poinsett
(Waking Up To The Views Above EVERY Morning, Makes It ALL Worth While!!!)

Poinsett   Poinsett   Poinsett



Double Rainbows



.... Annnnnd THEN, a Tornado hit us... that just made everything SO much more fun... or "Not So Much"
I just happened to be filming my German Shepherd in my home-office when everything started to "Rumble"... I whipped the iPhone up just in time to catch the body of the Tornado going by *MY WINDOW*, and caught the thing knocking over trees on the Security Camera monitor!
We got *SO* lucky!!! The guy that built this house was horrified by Storms, so he had the house built to "Coastal Hurricane Specifications".. This house has wide metal straps running up the front outside walls under the siding, on across the roof under the shingles (Now the straps are under a "Metal Roof"), and down the back of the house-walls under the siding, Spaced EVERY 5 FEET! The straps run down to HUGE Augers under the house that are set in the Foundation's Concrete... Dude wanted the house TIED DOWN! There's also a nice Storm Shelter under the center of the house also.
This was the SECOND "VERY Near Miss" we've weathered since we bought the place, with NO damage to the house... No one here was hurt at all, and other than a LOT of huge trees being blown down, the damage to the house/outbuildings/vehicles/equipment/etc, was MINIMAL. We lost a few shingles on the House, and our 25-Foot Diameter Swimming Pool (FULL of water!) was lifted up and deposited ONTO the raised back deck. The girls and animals had just a few seconds of time to get into the House's hardened shelter.. Our walls are so thick that I didn't even hear them yelling for me.

(Video Should Open in a New Tab, Window, or with your computer's default Media Player)

But... it REALLY opened up a lot more of the property without *US* having to drop EVERY huge tree with Stihl Chainsaws... We just had to cut up the trees afterward ;)...
It gave us the excuse to go ahead and get the new Metal Roof put on the house, after WEEKS of Clearing huge fallen trees, and burning brush in HUGE Bonfires.....



(A VERY Young "Engel" - My Dutch Brindle Shepherd, A.K.A. "The Hyperactive Terrorist Dog".. We also have a Female German Shepherd [Arwen], and a Female Dutch Brindle Shepherd)


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Horses And Riding Fencing

(Approx. 5 megs)
Me, Getting Bandit's Attention With A Switch

The Audio is low, but what I said (which my S.O. is laughing about) was: "I don't know why he's wanting to be an @$$hole today... Are we going to start the leaping and jumping around and stuff? Is THAT what we're going to do??? Because *I'm* Willing... I'm Willing and ABLE... OK (Big Smile to my S.O. over my Shoulder)... Let's Do This Thing Big Boy and go ahead and get it over with" ;)



(Approx. 14.5 megs)
Me and Bandit Riding Fence & Touring 2016's Clearing Progress Of The Newest Northern Pasture, Noting And Marking Stumps And Debris


For some reason, Me Riding Bandit Scares the CRAP out of my S.O.... Bandit likes to get a little Wild sometimes and show his butt... and *I* like to LET HIM get a little wild and show his butt sometimes! But it makes my S.O. feel like she's about to die from a heart attack, so I try to keep it to a minimum... that's why she's constantly behind me saying things like: "OK, Watch out now, he may want to trot uphill a little bit... So just be ready for it..." (YES MOMMY!!! ;) ...She worries WAY too much ;) We both grew up with Horses. I mean, Seriously, I HAVE ridden one or two (or a few hundred) in my life ;). I know, I Know, She loves me, and she worries about me... it just makes *me* feel bad that it worries HER so much that she can't just RELAX and ENJOY RIDING (Which is her [Second] Favorite thing to do in the whole world!)

Near the Beginning of the Video, When Bandit decides to Run a little Bit to Jump a Log (Hard to see due to the Video Compression), my S.O. says, "He LIKES to test you!" the Audio is (Again) low, but what I said was, "That's OK, I LIKE to be Tested!"

Toward the end of the Video you hear my S.O. say "Awwwww.. OK...." because when she see's me lean over and whisper in Bandit's ear "Time for a RUN", she KNOWS we're about to RUN... Except Bandit was already too tired to do much more than a fast canter at that point... wussy Horse ;)


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Security Systems

Night Vision Cameras
(A Few of my Night Vision Security Cameras. There are NO visible lights on outside.
With these newest Cameras, I don't even use the Infrared Spotlights any more.
I can also view them on my iPhone from anywhere in the world with Cell or WiFi coverage
The System Shown Above has been replaced by Two 16-Channel DVRs with Built In Security Systems, Shown Below, Interfaced with the Security System run by the Virtual Assistants)



Security Cameras
(A View Of A Small Portion Of Serenity Ranch From DVR #1... We Can View 38 Live High-Def, Night Vision Capable, Cameras On My iPhone From Anywhere In The World With Cell, Satellite, Or WiFi Coverage. As Well As Be Notified By Our AI, "
Denise", When ANY Security Device Is Activated [Seismic Alarms, Capacitive Sensors, Thermal Motion Detectors, IR Motion Detectors, Camera-Frame-Image-Comparative Motion Detection, Laser Line Disruption Sensors, Capacitive Field Changes Along MILES Of 3-Inch Wide "Electrified Hot-Tape", etc])


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(Approx. 10.0 megs - Video Should Open in a New Tab or Window)
Serenity Ranch - 360 Degree Views From One Of My Quad-Copter Drones


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Alternate Power

I know it SEEMS like all this uses a LOT of Power, But "Power" isn't a problem... We make our own, Using a Water-Driven Turbine placed at our Natural Springs, And using Seimens Solar Panels on the Roof of our Front Porch (Which I Designed and Built to look like a "Pergola" from the Ground, but it has Seimens Solar Panels covering it, so that they keep the Front Porch DRY, Which a Real Pergola WOULD NOT), And More Solar Panels on the Roof of our Home. Denise doesn't have to worry about "Power"; No matter how much power we use, God will send us MORE tomorrow, FREE! ;)



The Water Turbine and Solar Panels Charge Several LARGE Banks of "24VDC Forklift Batteries" (In a Large RubberMaid-Type Outside Storage Cabinet), Using Multiple "Trace C-40 Charge Controllers". The Battery Banks Use LARGE Welding Cables to Feed Two LARGE "'OutBack' True Sin-Wave Inverters", which live inside of the "Security Cabinet" with the Security DVRs and other Security Devices, Near the Rack-Servers In My Home-Office.

Any extra power we don't use is Sold Back to our Local Power Company... Yeah, We make BIG BUX from THAT! NOT! The Power Company HAS to buy any extra power YOU produce, but they don't pay YOU the same rate for the power that YOU produce, that THEY Charge YOU for the power THEY sell YOU! So about all "Selling Power To The Power Company" does, is pay for your "Minimum Monthly Service Fee" (The Amount you have to pay just to have Their Power Connected to your home, whether you USE IT, OR NOT!)... But, Denise keeps CAREFUL track on how much Power WE sell to the Power Company... Because it costs the power company FIFTY CENTS, To Send me a Check for ONE CENT Each Month (Which I only Cash once a year, so that they ALSO have to pay to account for ALL OF THOSE "One Cent Checks" for MONTHS)... Yeah.. It's "Petty", I know, But so is CHARGING ME 9-Cents Per KWH for THEIR Power, but only PAYING *ME* 2-Cents Per KWH for MY Power! So Denise Makes SURE they owe us ONE CENT, Every Month!


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(Casey and I Scuba Diving in St. Thomas, And 4-Wheeling on St. Martin)


(Casey and I Chillin in St. Martin, and Hangin out at the Sunset Bar and Grill at Maho Beach beside the Airport)


(Gibraltar and Rome)


(Roman Forum, and Kings Cross in London)


(There! I Fixed It! They forgot to turn off the italics command ;)


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