(A FEW Items From Some Of My "Unique Collections" ;)


Bone Tired Of It All


Dragon Riders 1     Dragon Riders 2
(Original Oil Paintings - Yeah, I like Sci-Fi)



Cosmos Portal



Stained Glass Logo
(My Company Logo in Stained Glass)



Canyon Diablo Meteorite
(One of my Meteorite fragments [a rare Nickle-Iron type] that I found at "The Canyon Diablo Impact Crater".
I have much larger pieces also, of different composition, like my Stoney Chondrite meteorites)



Coal From the wreck of the Titanic
(Coal From the wreck of the Titanic - I have about 2 pounds of it total, along with plates, silverware, etc)



Octavians Bedroom Stuff
([Upper part of the picture] Although referred to as an 'Academic Gift of Appreciation', this is basically stuff that would normally have been thrown away during the excavation of Gaius Octavian Julius Caesar Augustus' underground Bedroom Apartment in the Roman Forum [Long thought to be a myth]. People think stuff like this is saved in museums... it's not. There's so much of this type of stuff, the challenge is often "finding ways to get rid of it to keep it out of the way during archaeological digs"... some bright boy thought to call it "Academic Gifts of Appreciation" and give it away to "Partners" [people who donate LOTS of money to specific archaeologists to fund their digs].
[Lower part of the picture] I suddenly realized that what I had always thought were thick "Gravel" pathways are actually made up of thousands of years worth of broken/crushed marble from buildings and sculptures. Getting permission to take items like this out of a country is TOUGH, even when they are given to you to "Foster friendships for the advancement of archaeology, and preservation of historical artifacts", but getting them through US Customs is even tougher! Had the Marble fragments been called "Gravel", or "Trail Debris", or even "Dirt", etc, they wouldn't have let me bring them into the USA!)



Arrow Heads
A Few of the Indian Arrow Heads I've collected over the years from our Pastures and Gardens, and Various Family Fields, after they've been plowed... I have a "Crown Royal Bag" (Never even tasted the stuff, come to think on it :-/ ) FULL of Arrow Heads, Spear Heads, Animal Arrows, Bird Arrows, Stone Tomahawks, "Flat Rocks about the size of a Dinner Plate with INTRICATE Lines and stuff carved into the top of them" (NO IDEA what they were used for)... This Kinda of stuff, and Civil War Era Stuff, Are CONSTANTLY rising up out of the ground... as anyone who's ever had a Garden/Farm/Ranch knows, "Picking Rocks" (And REALLY WEIRD stuff) is a CONSTANT job. Our Mountain Top was used by the Local Militia during EVERY conflict on US Soil, because our town is Geographically Isolated, with ONLY a few Roads/trails Through the Mountains 360 Degrees around us... From up here, the Militia could see ANYONE trying to come over the passes, day or night, and even take them under fire with Cannons. So we Find Musket Balls, Belt Buckles, "Stuff Militamen 'Cached' here before going into town, and never came back to get for some reason", etc.. Our town has NEVER been invaded by an army, so people brought their valuables HERE from the surrounding states, to "Hide it from the Invading Armies"... So "Cached Stuff" can be found near just about EVERY "Huge Rock", "Weird Land Formation", etc (Anything "People could easily remember later, or describe to a family member later")... and THEY never came back for THEIR stuff either.. It's why I have METAL DETECTORS! ;)



Megalodon Tooth
Megalodon Tooth
(I've found MANY while Diving at a River in Coastal SC, but this is the Biggest... about the size of a Serving Platter... The pic (below) should give you some "Scale" for a "Regular Sized Megalodon Jaw and Teeth")

Megalodon Jaws And Teeth

And *YOU* were Afraid of the movie "JAWS"?!?!?! ;)



(Plate Mail Armor, Chain Mail, Helms, Swords, axes, etc)
With a few exceptions [IE: The Wooden "Training Sword" shown above], the Swords seen here were given to me by friends that make Swords and Armor for the Movie industry... The Katana (far left) was one of many used in one of the two "Kill Bill" movies. The next sword to the right was one of several made for use by "Aragorn/Strider" in "Lord of The Rings" [It never appeared on film after the final cuts (No Pun Intended ;) were made to the finished movie... virtually all movie props from LoTR were destroyed], and the next sword [front/right] was in one of the "Conan" movies. The "Battle Ax" is a replica of Gimli's Battle Ax in LoTR. I still haven't unpacked many more such items)



More Armor
(More Plate Mail Armor, Chain Mail, Helms, Swords, axes, etc)



(I have HUNDREDS of Wizards and Dragons Sculpted in Pewter, Silver, Gold, Stone, Crystal, Glass, etc.
They're my favorite things to "collect"... As you can see, Wizards and Dragons love to "collect" dust! :) )



More Dragons
(My Newest Dragon, A Christmas Present From My S.O. and Daughters - Hand Crafted by "Makosla Creations".)




Da-Virtual Assistants

OK, OK, As promised, The Videos and a write-up about the "Virtual Assistants" ("VAs"), "Nicole" (top two pics) and "Julia" (bottom pic) that run parts of our home, Run our Security and Defensive Systems that protect our Children, Grandchildren, Livestock, etc... And (As I am CONSTANTLY Reminded) "Watch Over *Me*" when I'm home alone (Usually doing something I SHOULDN'T Be Doing Anyway... "But It Seemed Like SUCH A COOL Idea At The Time!!!" ;) )... They also handle routine e-mail responses for my businesses, and even interact with people that may show up at the Main Automatic Gates (About A Quarter Mile Away From The House) while we're asleep or our Riding Fence or, or, or, or... If It's a Family Member or a Good Friend, Or UPS, USPS, Fed-Ex, ABC, DEFG, they have their own "Gate Codes" to punch into the Pedestal-Mounted "Gate Call Box" (Which Contains a Telephone To The House another Engineer Friend and I Designed and Built... It fits in an old 35mm Film Canister, and runs for YEARS on 4 D-Cell Batteries WAY up here at the house. You can plug "Regular ol Phones" into the Telephone Jacks. It's just our own "Private Phone System"), and a Two Way Video System, and a Key-Pad to open the Large Main Gates... If it's a Friend, etc, They usually just come on up to the house, because they know the VAs and the VAs know THEM, so the VAs "Open the Gates For People They recognize, and Certain Vehicles they Recognize"... Anyone else at the Gates gets to talk to the VAs, while the VAs are Texting/Paging US to let us know someone without a code, or Someone they Don't know, or Someone they know who SHOULD NOT be on our Property, are at the Gates. By the Time a person gets up to our Main Gates, they've come a LONG way up our Private Road on our Mountainside to get there. While AT the gates (Being distracted by the VAs) SOME of them notice there's Steel Fencing and Electric Hot-Tape on Both Sides of their Vehicle, and they either have to BACK down the LONG road, or "Be Allowed In". The VAs can "Talk to the Person" at the gates through the Video System, WHILE they Pipe BOTH SIDES of the Video and Audio to our iPhones to watch/Listen to. That way we can decide whether to tell the VAs to open the gates for them, or Not. As they come THOUGH the Main Gates, the "Ball-Turret Cameras" (with Military Grade Lasers, Either Hanging Down from UNDER each Cameras' Pan/Tilt/Zoom Mounts, OR Built INTO the Cameras) "Track Them" the entire time they are "Up Here On The Flat 'Plateau' We Live On At The Top Of Our Mountain". But ALL of that is shown on the "Virtual Assistant Page" (Click the Pic Of them, Above)



Other Stuff
I Love MeI Love Me
I Love MeI Love Me
I keep putting Jimmy Carter (Top Right) in a box, My Daughters keep putting him back out. He was my second least favorite president.
My LEAST favorite sent me a 'thank you' picture too, I finally burned that one.
Wish I'd gotten more pictures from Ronny (Top Left), but I don't think I could have lived through much more of what it took to get one...
Ouch Time
'Cuz Gettin Shot STINGS!!



OK, Admittedly, Some Things Are More Expensive To Collect Than Others
Porsche 911 Carrera-4 Rag-Top 1Porsche 911 Carrera-4 Rag-Top 2
My Toyota TacomaSerenity



Fender Strat
(My Fender Stratocaster)
(Most of the books in the background are autographed copies; Books I've done a little research for, or contributed to in some small way)



Armadillo Crossing

Friends that come to my house are always asking me, "What's up with all the Armadillos?" Armadillo statues, Armadillo Carvings and sculptures, Signs saying "Armadillo Crossing", etc. I usually just say "Long stupid story" and leave it at that.. but it's being asked so often, I decided to tell the "Great Armadillo Massacre Tale" here (Click The Pic Above). Like I said, "Long and stupid".



My General Electric "Multi-Meter" (Which actually WORKS).. Number "21"... I can't find ANY reference to any other's of this model still existing, but G.E. Wants THIS One for their Visitor Center's Display Cases
GE Multi-MeterGE Multi-Meter
GE Multi-MeterGE Multi-Meter



(Hey, The Iraqis just left 'em laying around, So they MUST have wanted people to have them!)



(Admittedly... NOT my Finest Hour! Ever Tried to CLOSE one of those babies back up?!?!)


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