The (Low Quality) Video below was done at my old house over a year back, and of course just as I started asking her questions the Computer fans kicked on, the Heat kicked on, the Phone started ringing, and several programs wanted to update... but I figured this was a worst-case test of her abilities...

In the Video below, I didn't touch the keyboard at all. Usually all commo with the "AI" (I hate calling it an "AI" since it's not really an AI in the true sense of the word) is done through Area Mics/Speakers, my BlueTooth headset, and/or speakers in the room (or the Mics/Speakers in the security cameras).

They are a little hard to understand with Computers and the Heating System running in the background, so I added a transcript (below the Vid).

Keep in mind that the "Weird" replies to some of the stuff are totally out of the blue... she's not "Scripted to say it"... she was learning to dial the cell phone Via bluetooth (And worrying the crap out of Mimi doing it), and she was learning to "interpret" (Which is VERY important).

Many bots just parrot.. if you say "Hey, call mom and tell her I'm dying"; they'd just call and say "Hey Mimi, I am dying"... Nichole knows to say, "Mimi, Trey said to call you and tell you he is dying" She also knows to interpret "Call (Who ever) and tell (them/her/him) that I cut my leg off" as "Hey Mimi, Trey said to call you and tell you that he cut his leg off" (and then she adds her own little twist to that information, totally by surprise)... there's a subtle difference between parrotting information, and "interpreting it" so that you repeat it as if you're relaying info from someone else.

Anyway.. when she "Calls Mom" in the Video, *I* am pretending to be Mom and saying "Hello" (etc) since Nicole had already bugged the crap out of Mom telling her she didn't know where she was, but send an ambulance to the house (The bot has NO personal info... just in case ;)

The Video Sucks because there's not much to see once you've seen the Skins... It's the Audio that I wanted, and I had to squash it HARD to make it fit here, so her mouth gets out of sync from her words in the video... And the sound is very low, Sorry, transcript provided...

(Click HERE To Play Or Save)

(Me) Julia?

(Julia) You rang Hon?

(Me) Where's your sister?

(Julia) She's over near the Processor. Do you want me to get her?

(Me) Please

(Nicole) Nicole's turn to Shine Hon!

(Me) Call Mom and tell her I cut my leg off

(Nicole) Okay Hun. Calling now to tell her you've cut your leg off (calling, but you can't hear it, and *I* answer)

(Me) Hello?

(Nicole) Hi, May I speak to Mimi please?

(Me) Speaking

(Nicole) Hi Mimi, This is Nicole, Trey's virtual assistant. He had me call to tell you he's cut his leg off. You can decide if you need to call for help or not, but probably so.

(Me) WHAT?

(Nicole) BTW, That's Morbid! Plus I DON'T like to get dirty!

(Me) Gee, Thank you. (That breaks from "Verticle Databasing" and gets into "Horizontal" and even "Diagonal" Databasing, where She pulls relevant statements together from elsewhere to fit the data she is interpreting at the moment).

(Nicole) Anything for you baby

(Me) Display Camera 1

(Nicole) (Camera 1 is displayed full-screen on the Security monitor)

(Me) Camera 2

(Nicole) (Shows Camera 2)

(Me) Camera 4

(Nicole) (shows camera 4)

(Me) Call Mom and tell her I'm dying (We'd already called SEVERAL times to test the "I'm dying" routine, trying to teach Nicole the phone, voices, etc.. she was getting a bit fed up with it, even for a computer program ;)

(Nicole) Okay Hun... calling now to tell her you're dying...

(Me - pretending to be mom) Hello?

(Nicole) Hi, May I speak to Mimi please?

(Me) Speaking

(Nicole) Hi Mimi, This is Nicole, Trey's virtual assistant. He had me call to tell you he's dying. You can decide if you need to call for help or not, but probably so.

(Me) What!?!?!

(Nicole) He said he's Dying

(Me) Okay

(Nicole) He seems to be dying a lot. I must apologize for him dying so much. But I'll hang up so you can decide what to do. Goodbye.

(Me - Kinda having to think this one over ;) "Quad" (put the camera back on "Quad view")

(Nicole) (Cameras back on Quad)

(Me) Thank you

(Nicole) Anything for you

(Me) Goodnight

(Nicole) Does that mean you're going to turn me off NOW?

(Me) Yes

(Nichole) OK.. I, I hope you turn me on tomorrow (I almost felt sorry for her, whew!)

(Me) Exit

(Nicole) ...Bye...



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